Cricket New Brunswick

Cricket New Brunswick is the official Provincial Sports Organization which manages and facilitates all Cricket related activity for the province of New Brunswick.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our long-term vision is to position Cricket as a major sport within New Brunswick.

To grow Cricket on both competitive and recreational levels, while keeping the Spirit of Cricket alive at its core.


  • Integrity: Whenever and wherever cricket is played within New Brunswick, ensure it is done so with the Spirit of Cricket at its core.
  • Inclusion: Welcome clubs and members from all walks of life, geographical locations and skills levels. Create strategic alliances with other like-minded sport organizations and associations.
  • Engagement: Organize exciting and engaging regional events, attract new participants and build long-term stakeholder partnerships.
  • Competition: Nurture and enhance the quality of competitive cricket played at both the New Brunswick Cricket League level and at the Provincial level.

Philosophy & Style of Play

The philosophy and style of play, which emphasizes performance and competitive spirit, align with a common approach in sports. In the context of cricket, this philosophy reflects a commitment to striving for excellence, giving your best effort, and embracing the competitive nature of the game. Here are some key aspects that often characterize a performance-oriented and competitive style of play in cricket:

Skill Development: Emphasis is placed on honing individual and team skills, including batting, bowling, fielding, and tactical awareness. Continuous improvement and training are central to achieving higher levels of performance.

Strategic Thinking: Teams with a performance-oriented philosophy often prioritize strategic thinking and planning. This involves analyzing opponents, understanding match situations, and making informed decisions to gain a competitive edge.

Mental Toughness: A competitive style of play requires mental resilience and a strong competitive spirit. Players are encouraged to stay focused, remain positive, and handle pressure situations effectively.

Team Unity and Cohesion: A performance-oriented approach recognizes the importance of teamwork and unity. Players work together, supporting and motivating each other to achieve collective success.

Adaptability: Cricket is a dynamic game, and teams with a competitive philosophy tend to adapt their strategies and tactics based on various factors such as pitch conditions, opposition strengths, and game situations. Flexibility and adaptability are key to staying ahead.

Sportsmanship: While the focus is on performance and competitiveness, upholding the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play remains crucial. Respect for opponents, adherence to the rules, and displaying integrity are essential aspects of a competitive style of play.

It’s important to note that different teams and individuals may have variations in their approach to the game. Some teams may prioritize aggressive and attacking play, while others may focus on defensive strategies. The philosophy and style of play emphasizes on performance and competitive spirit, which are integral to the development and success of cricket teams.

Why Join CNB?

CNB Provides you the opportunity to play Cricket in Canada, We keep you active across all seasons whether in Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter.

We have our members in all the major cities of New Brunswick and we provide a bigger platform to experience, enjoy and have fun while learning and playing cricket.

Our New Members have the following platforms to play in Regional and National Tournaments.

  1. NBCL T20 & T40 League
  2. Cricket Canada Nationals
  3. Maritime Cup
  4. President’s Cup (Nova Scotia)
  5. Confederation Cup (PEI)
  6. CNB Indoor League & Tournaments

    Our Programs

    Our New Members have the platforms to play in Regional and National Tournaments.

    1. NBCL T20 & T40 league
    2. Cricket Canada Nationals
    3. Maritime Cup
    4. President's Cup (Nova Scotia)
    5. Confederation Cup (PEI)
    6. CNB Indoor League & Tournaments

    Board of Directors


    Kapil Choudhary

    Vice President

    Nick Badyal


    Winston D'Souza


    Sumit Gaur


    Rahul Gautam


    Jay Patel


    Hitarth Bhavsar


    Tapvir Walia

    Programs Coordinator

    Head of Coaching


    Umpire Chair

    Winston D'Souza

    Cricket New Brunswick History

    Cricket New Brunswick, the governing body for cricket in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, has a history that dates back several decades. While the exact details of the early days of cricket in New Brunswick may be limited, the sport has been played in the province for a considerable period of time.

    Cricket has historically been popular among immigrant communities from cricket-playing nations, such as England, India, Pakistan, and the Caribbean. These communities brought their love for the sport to New Brunswick, contributing to the growth and development of cricket within the province.

    Over the years, cricket enthusiasts in New Brunswick formed clubs and organized local matches, creating opportunities for players to participate and showcase their skills. The passion for the sport led to the establishment of an organized structure to govern and promote cricket in the province, giving rise to Cricket New Brunswick.

    Cricket New Brunswick became the official governing body for cricket in the province, responsible for overseeing the administration, organization, and development of the sport. It collaborates with local clubs, schools, and communities to provide cricket opportunities at all levels, from grassroots to high-performance.

    The organization has worked towards the growth of cricket by organizing leagues, tournaments, coaching programs, and development initiatives. These initiatives aim to engage players of all ages and backgrounds, promote the sport, and improve the standard of cricket in New Brunswick.

    As an affiliate of Cricket Canada, Cricket New Brunswick is connected to the national cricket structure and participates in national competitions and representative teams. This affiliation allows New Brunswick players to showcase their talents at the national level and contribute to the overall development of cricket in Canada.

    While the specific milestones and significant events in the history of Cricket New Brunswick may not be readily available, the organization’s commitment to the sport’s growth, development, and competitive spirit remains evident in its activities and programs.


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    Become Volunteer or Donate Today

    If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer or making a donation to Cricket New Brunswick, here are some steps you can take:

    1. Contact Cricket New Brunswick: Reach out to Cricket New Brunswick directly to express your interest in volunteering or making a donation. You can inquire about their current volunteer opportunities and donation programs. They may have specific needs or initiatives where they require assistance.

    2. Explore Volunteer Roles: Cricket New Brunswick may have various volunteer roles available, such as coaching, umpiring, event management, administrative tasks, or other support positions. Discuss your skills, interests, and availability with them to find a suitable volunteer role.

    3. Discuss Donation Options: Cricket New Brunswick might have different ways to accept donations. They may have specific projects or programs that require funding, or they may accept general donations to support their cricket development initiatives. Inquire about the donation process and any specific instructions they have for making a contribution.

    4. Follow Their Guidelines: Once you have communicated your interest in volunteering or donating, follow any guidelines or instructions provided by Cricket New Brunswick. They will guide you through the necessary steps and provide you with the information you need to get started.

    5. Commitment and Engagement: As a volunteer, be committed to fulfilling your responsibilities and contributing your time and skills to the best of your abilities. If you decide to make a donation, consider the amount you’re comfortable giving and the impact it can have on Cricket New Brunswick’s programs and initiatives.

    Remember, the specific opportunities and processes for volunteering and donating to Cricket New Brunswick may vary. It’s best to directly reach out to them through their official website, email, or phone contacts to get the most accurate and up-to-date information on how you can get involved.

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